A New Insuretech Competitive Intelligence Option

In today’s fast-paced world businesses are juggling competing priorities.  You need to bring your product(s) to market, manage growth, control costs, remain nimble, drive innovation and oh, yeah, keep tabs on what the competition is doing.  Most leaders today do simply that, they read what news they can or follow a news feed and catch up on a competitor when necessary.

If you’re fortunate to have a large enough organization to support a full-time competitive intelligence group, congratulations!  If you’re not in for Fortune 1,000, what do you do?

There are numerous organizations that sell intelligence today.  Selecting the right one for you is a function of two things:

  1. Coverage – do they offer the kind of coverage in the markets you’re interested in?
  2. Price – does the price make sense?

Interesting Blazer is proud to announce the availability of three new market intelligence offerings:

  • Benefits Administration Solutions
  • Individual Insurance Solutions
  • Consumer-Directed Healthcare Administration Solutions

Well-known names in the industry cover hundreds of players in a given space and sometimes end up burying you in so much data it almost becomes unactionable.  Our approach is different.  We generate segment reports quarterly covering companies who we feel are representative of the top 10% of the market in terms of market share and/or growth trend.  Each quarter our team of analysts discuss the covered entities list and promote or demote companies based on quantitative and qualitative metrics.

While quarterly updates on what’s going on are helpful, we go a step further.  Interesting Blazer has developed the IB Innovation (qualitative) and IB Performance (quantitative) scores.  IB Innovation is expressed on a five-point scale with five being best.  It represents the collective impression of our research team on how innovative and/or disruptive an organization is.  The IB Performance score is expressed as a positive or negative number with no artificial limit.  The higher the number, the better the organization is doing and likewise, a negative number indicates there might be cause for concern.  IB Performance combines financial data, social sentiment data and more which allows us to force rank public and private, large and small companies on a single continuum.

You’re probably asking yourself, how much does all this cost?  Well, we think competitive intelligence is the cornerstone of good strategic decision-making so we do all of this for a reasonable annual subscription.

What’s included for how much?

Each year, we publish quarterly segment updates and ten company profiles of your choosing for that segment.  Companies can be selected from the list we feel are most representative of the best in a given market and/or specified by you.

One Segment = $10,000
Two Segments = $18,000
Three Segments = $25,000

I’m ready – how do I sign up?

If you’d like to sign up, or even if you just want to know more, please contact us today!